Midwife Advice – Lara-Marie

by David



Hi! My name is Lara-Marie, and have been a midwife for the past 3 years, and have worked in most of the maternity units at Mater Dei Hospital.

I have not always chosen to be a midwife, but life has led me through this pathway and it has been quite a challenging journey so far.

One which has given me great pleasures and sometimes unfortunately has brought along great sadness as well. My passion about midwifery is the fact that I always learn something from what I do and loving what I do.

My main objective out of this project is mainly because we always give the mother so much importance however, the father has a substantial role in pregnancy, labour and even post-delivery. During this period fathers many fathers may feel overwhelmed on how to look after a baby, thus my main aim is to create more awareness on dad’s role during this happy period.

Midwife Advice

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