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Loyalty, commitment and love are three important pillars that describe a close family, irrelevant where you are in the world, family always comes first and that is how David describes his morals and how he started his own family, together with his wife and beautiful daughter Sophia. David is well-known for being a fashion-model not only in Malta but also abroad. Some people might know him playing professional football in Malta or being on the cover of a popular aviation airline, so yes you can say that David is an ambassador of our island and today he will be explaining how the birth of his child made him cherish the life of being a Dad 😍

The Maltese Daddy: Before we start, I would like to thank you for finding time answering my questions and also sharing your story with our readers on the importance of fatherhood, so how old is Sophia now?

David: Thank you, David, I am really excited that you contacted me and it will be my pleasure to describe to all your readers on how being a father is one of the best things that happened to me and moving onto your question, Sophia is 3 months old now.

The Maltese Daddy: Sophia is a lovely name, I named my daughter Sophia also and she is slightly older than your Sophia 😂 Great minds think alike I guess 😊 We as dads always have a special moment with our children, what was yours?

David: Everyday is a special moment with my daughter, but I guess the best moments were when she started smiling and recognizing me.

The Maltese Daddy: A question I like to ask all the dads out there is when your wife gave birth to your daughter, the reason I ask this question as my objective here is to give courage to all the new dads to be there and that being with your wife is essential as we need to support them more than ever during labour.

David: Yes agreed, it is very important that all dads are present when their partner/wife is giving birth. Being our first child, we were extremely excited but at the same time very anxious and just hoped that we would have a healthy baby. The moment Sophia arrived, the feeling was surreal. We were extremely happy and our hearts just melted once we had her in our arms.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes the beauty of birth, truly a miracle when you hold your child for the first time, but what’s interesting for our new parents is your 9-month journey with your wife when she was pregnant, how would you describe it?

David: To be honest we were just very excited and kept on counting down the days. Obviously my wife’s experience was a lot different to mine, but I’m very proud of how she handled the 9 months.

The Maltese Daddy: Moving on to your present day, you’re already in your third month with Sophia and I guess you made sure to make time with your daughter, but what is your daddy routine?

David: My wife is a fitness trainer and teaches classes in the mornings so I make the most of my one on one time with Sophia. After she wakes up I usually change her and feed her the bottle. My wife always pumps breast milk before she leaves and makes sure I have enough until she is back. Since my wife is exclusively breastfeeding she usually takes over once she’s back and I help whenever I can.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes, there are some instances that we as dads can be helpless as we cannot pump breast milk 😂 But what we can surely do as you are doing Dave is to help whenever we can and be proactive in every situation. Changing subject to my next question, nowadays our old traditions of family values, playing outside and admiring the great outdoors are slowly being ignored by the new generation of families as we entered into a technological era, what traditions are you willing to teach Sophia?

David: Probably stick to old traditions. For example, reading books, swimming, playing outside instead of spending time using mobile phones, iPads, watching tv etc.

The Maltese Daddy: Keeping the old traditions alive is healthy, but also mixing it up with technology makes our lives easier too so we need to find a balance as our children were born in an era that technology is everywhere. You mentioned reading books to Sophia, do you also sing to her? 😁

David: Haha, yes I usually play and sing Andrea Bocelli “Fall on me” right before she sleeps.. she seems to love it!

The Maltese Daddy: We need to hear you sing Dave😜 Having worked in aviation for a number of years, we all know that certain parents are scared of travelling with their infants, any advice from your experience as a profession and father experience?

David: Personally my wife and I aren’t keeping back from travelling. In fact, we have just booked our flight to Australia in May when Sophia will be about 6 months old. My only advice would be to get all the necessary vaccinations and check with your paediatrician for clearance to fly.

The Maltese Daddy: Going on vacation with your infants or young children shouldn’t be something that we Maltese say ‘Taqta qalbek’ (no it doesn’t mean to cut your own heart, but it is an expression we say to someone not to give up) What do you want to make sure that your daughter and grandchildren will remember about you?

David: Very simple that they were loved unconditionally

The Maltese Daddy: Rewinding back to when Sophia was born, describe your first thought when you had to hold your daughter for the first time in your arms?

David: I was so scared to drop her! In fact, I held her whilst sitting down just to be safe haha. The feeling was incredible and I can honestly say that I was totally in love.

The Maltese Daddy: Reading about you and following you on social media, you are very keen on family values and you also seem to have a close relationship with your parents, what family traits will you be passing onto your daughter?

David: Kindness. I really want my daughter to have a big heart.  Kindness is something that is extremely important and hopes that she will pass that on to my grandchildren.

The Maltese Daddy: And we are already on our last question and to conclude today’s interview, what “wisdadm” (A combination of wisdom and dad) would you share with our readers?

David: Enjoy every moment with your children as they are constantly changing. Never take anything for granted and spend as much quality time with them as possible.

Thank you David for sharing your fatherly advice to our readers and keep up your positive attitude not only to your family but also to all the other people as your humbleness shows what a great dad, husband, son and friend you are to your family and friends.

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