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When I was young, my father taught me a lot of things, but one lesson which stood out the most was “Just be yourself and never change for everyone.” In my opinion, that’s a very difficult statement to live by, but one man amazes me as he stands by his morals and is himself on-air (As he is a radio presenter on Vibe FM) and also in real-life. Please, guys, meet the man who entertains us every morning on our way to work Mr JD Patrick.

I always followed JD on the radio and always wanted to get to know him on a personal level and some months ago he announced that he was expecting a little angel, so obviously with no hesitation, I had to contact him and interview his daddy life so far, hope you enjoy JD’s interview:

The Maltese Daddy: Congratulations, JD, you’re a new dad, a few months passed hows it going? Was it something you were expecting?

JD: It’s no easy ride! Everything they say is true, your life changes drastically and you start to think differently. Whatever you do, your son’s face pops up and makes you think twice about every decision! On the other hand, Julian is quite a sleeper so, for now, I haven’t changed much of my sleeping pattern, obviously thanks to the fact that my boobs don’t produce milk although when you look at them they might seem like they do 😂

The Maltese Daddy: Yes, I agree with you as all babies are different, some are sound sleepers and some are no sleepers at all 🤣 A question I like asking dads is, how, would you describe your experience when your wife gave birth to your son?

JD: 27 hours .. I think that pretty much sums it all up … I can’t say it was a positive one, My wife Steph went through quite a lot but when we held our son for the first time that indescribable feeling that everyone talks about is amazing. Whatever happens during delivery is forgotten in a second when you hear the first cry.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes, I think you can say that memory is stored in your brain and will always bring you joy when you remember that day you became a father for the first time, but no one teaches us to become fathers, what made you realize you became a father?

JD: Funnily enough my behaviour started changing as soon as my wife showed me the test way back in September last year. I realized that now I have to be more responsible, I started being more careful when I drive … Although I never consumed a lot of it I ditched alcohol, I also started to be more careful with my money… yes I’ve upgraded to a super “Qammiel (Miser)” now 😂👶💰

The Maltese Daddy: Responsibility and commitment are the two things which linger through our head, but in your opinion, what are the two guiding principles, you follow every day as a dad?

JD: Respect and understanding. Respect my family … and understanding my wife

The Maltese Daddy: You are relatively a new dad, what was your first thought when changing your sons nappy?

JD: “Please don’t do it now …” and “Do I really have to do this 10 times a day?”

honestly who poops 10 times a day?!👶😂

The Maltese Daddy: Having a newborn especially at this age, bonding should start at a very early age, what sort of “daddy time” do you spend with your son?

JD: Not much I can do at the moment with him always latched to his beloved

breast. I mostly pester my son. I love seeing that blank look on his face hahaha! love singing opera music to him and I can’t wait for when he gets to an age when he starts running around!

The Maltese Daddy: We as fathers always ask the question to ourselves, are we ready for

a child? Were you ready? How did you answer this now, when having baby Julian?

JD: No one can prepare you for fatherhood … But I always wanted a family and I think that is what prepared me for this life-changing event in my life. Yes it’s true, I had to give up a lot of things and sometimes I do miss

my “old” life but when I see my son’s face it’s an indescribable emotion that nothing can beat.

The Maltese Daddy: To conclude today’s interview, If you could impart one piece of parenting advice to my readers, what would it be?

JD: Invest In a good ventilation system in your bedroom … it STINKS! And also be patient with both your wife and baby it’s key to survive anything!

After doing this interview with JD, I can say that Julian, together with your wife is lucky having you as a devoted husband and your son as a caring father. Keep up your amazing positive attitude and the unconditional love you have to baby Julian. To all dads out there, are you having a child or expecting your baby any minute? Check out my dadventures.

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