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by David

It was in 2010 when we heard the name Richard Edwards and immediately fell in love with his outgoing and positive character when he appeared at the Eurovision song contest placing second with the song “Finally.” From then onward, Richard kick-started his solo musical career. I was always a fan of Richard and that is why I wanted him to be the first celebrity dad to be interviewed and luckily he accepted (wuhuu)

You may ask why am I interviewing Richard? Very easy to answer that, when you see a man who speaks highly about his family, represented Malta with his siblings and especially writes a song to his father… That shows Richard had a great childhood plus no doubt about it he will be an awesome dad, but without further adieu, I would like to present to you Richard’s interview.

The Maltese Daddy: Thank you, Richard, for accepting and finding time for this interview and I am quite sure the message you will pass through this interview will be a message to all those dads and soon to be dads that having a child is the best that can ever happen to a man. So, first of all, let’s introduce your handsome son, what is your son’s name?

Richard: The pleasure is all mine and thanks for being part of your blog. Well to start off with your first question, Me and the Mrs had a few name battles (as you do), in the end, we both agreed on Benjamin 😊

The Maltese Daddy: I can imagine that naming your child is always a headache for both parents to find a common ground😂 Benjamin is your first child and everything was new to you, what do you enjoy most about being a father?

Richard: That’s a tricky one as being a Father I’ve got to experience many highlights and adventures like fully charged nappies and projectile vomit all over me 😁 before I got to work but I’d have to say that for me a simple smile from Ben will hit a special place inside.

The Maltese Daddy: Projectile vomit, haha good one. I am already imagining the scene you described to us… Another tricky question, we all know Richard from your music career, how does your popularity affect your upbringing of your son?

Richard: I don’t think my popularity will play any factor into the upbringing of my son but I’m known around the island for being a musician and that will affect the upbringing of Benjamin. In fact, I do hope that my boy will take an interest in music and I’ll do my best to share all the knowledge I’ve learned throughout the years. If he doesn’t take an interest in music then I would still do my utmost best to help in the best way possible.

The Maltese Daddy: Amazing answer Richard, as dads we have to give freedom to our children of what they want to pursue in life and we support them in any way we can. Going back to memory lane, how would you describe your experience when your wife gave birth to Ben?

Richard: For me… it all went by really fast, those 9 hours from which my wife’s water broke until Ben entered the world felt like 10 mins. For my wife, I’m not sure that it went by so fast but one thing for sure is that it made me realize that women are just super incredible human beings, my wife was awesome and the whole experience was something that can only be described as a miracle. The best highlight of my life hands down.

The Maltese Daddy: (Applause) I had to stop for a second and clap to that answer as it is true that when your wife/partner gives birth it is not only a miracle but also you see your wife going through all that pain to deliver your child and after the birth she is fine… That is something you will never forget. Getting to know you, it seems you had a great childhood, what traditions did your father pass on to you that you will pass on to your children?

Richard: My father is also a musician and has been the backbone of my success in music so these musical traditions  I sure would like to pass on to Benjamin. I would also like to teach him how to be strong when times get a bit tough and to tackle any problem with a positive attitude, a quality that my mum passed on to me.

The Maltese Daddy: True, it is always nice to have your child follow your footsteps as who else can prepare him, but you plus having both your parents support you and teach you on how to survive in the real world that’s even more amazing. keeping on the same note on your dad, “Song for Dad”, tell us more why your dad inspired you to sing such a beautiful song? And what was your favourite lyric to that song?

Richard: My Favourite lyric is “Conversations will get a bit loud but it’s the passion that entertains the crowd” it means that in the heat of a hot argument we will not let it come between us and settlement through a smile is the way forward as family is everything.

The Maltese Daddy: Powerful lyrics with a lot to think about, to who did not hear the song please enjoy the lovely song below. Moving on, we all know Richard in the media and on stage, but how are your fatherly ethics?

Richard: My wife makes me being a good father easier as she is a great mum herself. We both have taken our parenting role very happily and we both enjoy every second of it. Even the hard times like waking up in the middle of the night to make a bottle for Ben while you’re still asleep is awesome because when He does fall back to sleep you’re left with a wonderful feeling of the beautiful gift God has given you.

Three Generations

The Maltese Daddy: That is the joy and sacrifice of being a parent. Talking about ethics, what do you want to make sure that your son and grandchildren will remember about you?

Richard: I hope that whenever Benjamin or my grandchildren think of me they will remember about the great memories I had and that I would do my very best to provide them with.

The Maltese Daddy: Ben is all grown up now, could you describe a beautiful moment were your son did something that you will never forget?

Richard: The first time I heard Da Da I nearly cried will joy, I will surely never forget that moment.

The Maltese Daddy: I can imagine that moment will never be erased, but from a newbie dad’s perspective what is the secret/s to raising good children?

Richard: I’m still quite new on the whole “raising your children” matter but what I can say is that I was raised by two amazing and beautiful people and they have made my job easier to raising my children surrounded with love, happiness and support. My Wife also has the same background where love is the main ingredient to happiness

The Maltese Daddy: I had to emphasize that answer 😍 13 years from now if your son will be reading this blog when he is older, what would you say?

Richard: Have you finished your homework boy??? 🤭

The Maltese Daddy: To conclude this awesome interview, what “wisdadm” (A combination of wisdom and dad) would you share with our readers?

Richard: It’s the best feeling in the world to get the opportunity to be a parent so enjoy the ride and be the best person you can be, your children will pay you back with lots of love in the future.

Thank you, Richard, this interview reflects on how lucky your son is and I am sure he will shower you with all the love you gave him, reading this interview is enough evidence.

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Now I will let you enjoy an amazing song from the one and only Richard Edwards

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