The Benefits Of Baby Massage For Parents and Babies

by David
Image by jun yang from Pixabay

I was always fascinated by emotions, on how we react on the mood of others, for example, you had a tough day at work and instead of leaving your ‘crappy’ day at work you bring it home. You arrive home, your partner greets you, your child smiles at you and you just shrug your head and off you go on the couch and sulk, but have you ever thought about changing that shrug and turning it into a hug? Hug your partner and your child, trust me that’s the best therapeutic tool you can do as you are releasing all the negative energy and embracing all the positiveness from your child and partner. With that said, I would like to introduce the first interview with Lara our Baby Massage Teacher 🙌

MalteseDaddy: First interview Lara, how do you feel? Today we will be talking about a powerful therapeutic tool, Touch. Can you elaborate on that?

Lara: Very excited David, but I want to explain on the benefits of ‘Touch.’ To start off as might of you that don’t know the skin is the first organ that develops in a baby and is the most powerful sense. You asked me, what do you mean to touch? We can touch by massaging our baby from when they are young and this a long-term physiological and emotional benefit.

MalteseDaddy: Ok, you enticed me what are the benefits?

Lara: Haha, yes it is interesting and that is why I am trying to spread this powerful tool. The benefits of regular massage can help build a baby’s immune system, boost his or her respiratory system, stimulate the circulatory system and balance the baby’s nervous system. Furthermore, when we massage our infants, we also help release the hormone oxytocin in the baby, which regulates the stress level. That’s not all massage aids the digestive system so no discomfort such as wind or constipation.

MalteseDaddy: I guess, there are also physical advantages too, right?

Lara: Yes, massaging your baby can also help him or her grow, how? When we massage our babies a signal is sent to the pituitary gland in the baby’s brain. This, in turn, releases the human growth hormone which encourages the baby to grow and thrive. If by any chance your child is born prematurely which is common, the hospital always recommends to touch and stroke their babies as much as possible. An amazing figure shows that if an infant who was born prematurely and is stroked and massaged on a daily basis for three-fifteen-minute periods a day for ten consecutive days, increased their weight by 50% more than those who were not massaged.

MalteseDaddy: I understand, amazing fact, but let’s involve the dads a bit more, how can we bond with our child?

Lara: Of course, I was waiting for that question 😊 Dads massaging their babies, is the most effective way a father can bond with his infant, as mothers have an advantage over this as she carried your child for 9-months and breastfeeds, while the father cant do these. Therefore it is important to use touch and start to massage to create a father-infant bond as this reduces the stress hormone and your child will end up more relaxed after the bonding experience. That’s not all, eye contact, vocalization and one-to-one communication are all new bonds you will be established with your child.

MalteseDaddy: I can imagine that the baby feels more at ease after this bonding experience right?

Lara: Fathers that used massage techniques with their infants for three months experienced increased self-esteem as a parent due to increased involvement with their new born plus, the babies in turn, greeted their fathers with more eye contact, smiling, vocalising and reaching responses.

MalteseDaddy: You have answered all my questions, Lara, on my behalf and my readers we thank you for sharing your thoughts about the importance of baby massage and the important tool, TOUCH

Lara: It was my absolute pleasure and will be looking forward to our next interview 😊

Are you interested to hear more about Lara’s massage workshops? Follow this link below to find out more and last but not least I would like to thank Lara for providing me information together with MamaBabyBliss for their vast knowledge on childcare and their well-being 😍

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