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by David
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Here we are a new year, new challenges and better choices, right? If so, start with a positive note and go for a 3-in-1 solution modular system. What can I say, they are extremely good if you want an all-rounder, and something between you and I, you can save loads of money in the long run. You might ask why? I will tell you why, imagine you need to buy a stroller, car seat and a cot individually that will cost you close to approximately EUR400-600, but that’s cheaper? Correct, but CAM will also give you a good quality modular pushchair, portable as its easily foldable, easy clip-on mechanism of the chassis and the most important factor it’s also fairly light for a modular system with all these functions. Another feature I would like to mention is imagine you are planning to have more children or better yet sell it to other parents who are need of a modular pushchair this is your best bet since it’s a system that can stay in good condition (If obviously, you take care of it) for a long period of time.

Now as you know I am collaborating with Nursery Direct and today I will be explaining to you why a 3-in-1 is the best choice for not only your little one but also your pockets 😉

Let’s start with the cot when your baby is born you need a comfortable place to keep your child warm and comfortable since it will take a while for your newborn to get used to the world around him or her. Therefore CAM introduced one of their vast range of modular systems, the CAM TASKI Sport.  One of their main goals was to make sure to protect our child from all weather conditions and yes also those damn mosquitos we all dread in our hot and sticky summer months.

Comfort plays a big toll when choosing your cot, so make sure to find one where your baby can feel cosy and snuggly at all times, did I mention the Taski sport has also a cool feature which is the adjustable 3-position backrest, cool eh?

Speaking of cool things, did you ever go to your parent’s place and it’s a hassle removing the cot, folding the base, so on so forth. CAM found this clever idea, not only having an easy way to remove the cot but also you can use it as a rocking base to rock your baby to sleep.

We usually always, focus on the appearance and external features, but did we ever check the frame features? I don’t think so, we never did and when trying to learn these helpful handouts from Nursery Direct, I noticed that the frame is the backbone of choosing the right modular system for your child. As I mentioned before, having all these functions, this model can pride itself by being light as it only weighs 6.1kgs and with the carrycot included 10.8kgs.  The CAM Taski Sport has an adjustable height handlebar, easy to manoeuvre, removable front and rear wheels and an easily lockable pedal locking system. Also to compliment this is the closing of the frame which folds neatly like a book and can easily be transported in the car.


Having a modular system means you wanted comfort, so even when you purchase a car seat you need optimum comfort so make sure you find a car seat that can allow your newborn to still feel comfortable even if they stay longer than 30mins. I recommend the Taski Sport’s car seat as it has a multi-position hood, with back support, padded shoulder support a practical harness height adjustment, and an adjustable belt guide. Having a non-slip rocking base is safety as its best as it prevents the car seat to fall over and obviously not injuring your child. That’s not all you can also attach the car seat with the frame for use as a travel system, neat right? That’s not all we still have the last thing on our list and that’s the stroller for when your child is older at least when they can sit up straight (That’s what I recommend)

The stroller is an important addition as it can be used up till when your child is 3 years old.

You need a stroller that can have adjustable backrests, the Taski has 4 and also has an adjustable footrest, which will ensure comfort for your child. Also, don’t worry CAM thought about the folding of the chair and its very to fold and compact, trust me on this 😉 Also complimenting is stylish TASKI SPORT is a handy handbag with a changing bag included, that’s not all a rain cover is also included. Last, but definitely not least and I left the best for last, do you think this stroller will remain in immaculate condition? Haha, forget it, but at least with the Taski range all fabrics are machine washable, so you can keep your mind at ease that if your daughter/son has an accident, CAM got you covered.

So if you’re after quality and peace of mind that all of your needs are into one modular system, with no hesitation I will always choose CAM’s modular system range. Still not sure, if the Taski Sport is for you? No worries, go to Nursery Direct and with their amazing support, they will find your child’s dream stroller in a jiffy!


Do I recommend this product? Yes, it’s approved from my side, why?


  • Washable material
  • Sturdy Base
  • Comfortable Carseat
  • Rockable Cot



  • Opening and Closing mechanism of the base takes a while to master
  • Not a lot of storage space at the base

Check Out Nursery Direct’s vast range here:

Prams & Strollers

Tune in next time on The Maltese Daddy Recommends!

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