How Dad’s can help during pregnancy ❤

by David
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Yes, its been a while since I posted what can I say I am a busy Dad haha 😀

But better late than never, and today’s blog post is also a clue what’s new to come on The Maltese Daddy!

Today’s title is a whole new start to my daddy life and yes you’ve guessed it! We are having another baby and it’s going to be a? , drum roll, please!! 🥁🥁





We don’t know yet either 🤣

Anyway, I want to share some of my wisdadm (Wisdom from a dad) on how a father can help in his 9-month adventure with his wife/partner!

Here Goes;

Have you ever asked this question to yourself when having a child: “How can I help my wife/partner, during pregnancy?”

I asked it, back and forth to myself and due to my stubbornness, I left this question linger through my head and not share this info with my wife. As I said how hard can it be? I was not only wrong by not opening up as communication is the most important in a relation, but also assuming that when your wife/partner is pregnant it’s a straight forward journey, which is not if she does it without the father/partner’s help.

Therefore, to answer my intro question you just need two things to give her and trust me this will make you the perfect husband/partner. But before giving you this insight, let’s go through a process that will surely help support my answer.

Pregnancy is tough for your partner, mentally and physically so we as their other significant half have to help out when necessary. In some societies, we have this mentality that when we leave our “deposit” it’s up to the woman to grow the baby inside her and we watch patiently from outside stating that our contribution is done, but let’s say most of the modern societies nowadays shows that soon to be fathers are a bit more involved, I was and I don’t regret it.

Let’s start from the beginning, you just received the news that she’s pregnant, yes your initial reaction may be ‘surprised, ’baffled’ or ‘speechless’ even more so if you weren’t expecting a child. In any circumstance, never respond to negativity like are you sure? Or burst in tears etc You want your wife to feel confident that you have her back throughout these nine months.

I was never a reader, but since my daughter was born, I became a book worm to learn more about what is the pregnancy process. What is she feeling, how big the baby and what complications can happen and how you can avoid these! Therefore, be proactive and buy a good pregnancy book that both of you can read.

One of the most important things, in my opinion, is being there for your partner and showing her that I am with you all the way, which leads me to my next point accompany her to all the doctor’s appointments and ask questions to the doctors of some concerns and show interest. When a woman is pregnant, she’s focusing all her energy and attention to the unborn child so some small details she might skip, so it’s important to keep tabs of important details.

Nowadays soon to be mothers are working even while pregnant so we can imagine that she has her own type of work-related stress and tiredness so make sure to comfort her when she’s back and give your part.

A strange tactic which I like using is acting as if I am pregnant and when I say that not that I mean you will have weird food cravings or cant tie show shoelaces, but more as if like she cannot drink alcohol, smoke or eat raw food so why not do the same? She needs your moral support and this will help her be stronger and also keep the baby healthy. We are humans and when we can’t have something, we want it more.

There you have it small things, but highly effective!

To conclude as I can imagine you’re curious what are the two things I mentioned which will make you the best husband/partner, it’s simple sleep and food. Trust me if you focus all your energy on the above and tips and base them on these two simple things, I can assure you she will love it. My wife surely did 😉



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