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It’s nearly time that my new unborn child will join the family, and we cannot wait especially Sophia, but am I ready to have another child?

The past month has been hectic for us, trying to get back to normal, childcare, work and going a bit outdoors, but I have to say it’s not easy now that Sophia (My daughter) started to become more curious and mischievous. Will I be more stressed out now when our newborn is born? Nobody knows, not even me 😅 Let’s touch base in a year!

Oh, yeah, I guess you’re all curious if I am going to have a girl or a boy?



We are going to be blessed with another baby girl and we will name her … (Still to be discussed 😂)

So, yes I know what you dads are saying right now, good luck you will be having three women around the house 🤔 Why do we portray this statement? Am I doomed 😂? Or is it basically as the expression goes. “Life is what you make it?” Let’s find out, on how I should foresee my future raising two beautiful daughters.

Society and gender:

Society always portrays that a father wants a boy and a mother wants a girl, but why? Maybe because I can take my son to football matches? Or maybe my wife wants to take our daughters to ballet? But again why? Maybe my son wants to do ballet and my daughter wants to play football, so is it correct stating this? Unfortunately, I had that mentality, until I had Sophia, but now my mentality changed completely. A few months ago when my wife told me she was pregnant, my only thought was that I am going to become a dad again and whatever I will have, I am sure I will love him/her unconditionally. Now we know it’s a girl and I am looking forward so much welcoming another beautiful princess into this world.

Building a strong bond with your daughters at a young age:

Yes, maybe having a boy will be a bit easier for me since I passed through that and know how we think, but will it be different having a girl? Who knows, I will tell you in 8 years, but now what I can say is that yes I think it will be different, but I am ready! Studies show that a strong father-daughter relationship helps a girl develop healthy levels of self-esteem, security, competitiveness and femininity and apart from that, an early bond may also lead to dad’s being the role models to their daughters, as you will be her first male figure see looks up too.

Some dads also admit that having a daughter changes the way they see women and give them even more respect, plus also be more sensitive towards them and not being biased plus also see women as an equal partner as us man. One thing that I always panic in my own thoughts are, am I doing it right? Am I doing something wrong? Don’t worry just being there for your daughter is enough and always remember to be a shoulder for her to lean on!

How can I bond with my daughter if she is just a baby?

Bonding can start as soon as your daughter is born and ends up to when you take your last breath, so don’t wait until she’s older as it might be too late! So studies suggest the below:

Up to 1 year, you can bond with her by:

Changing her diaper, feed her, bathe her, read to her and also play with her.

1 year up to 12 years:

  • Be involved in her extracurricular activities
  • Introduce her to any type of hobby, be it sports, ballet or martial arts
  • Open her own junior supermarket and be a regular customer 😅
  • Play dress up (Yes that means it might be you’ll end up dressed up as a Princess from Lala Land or maybe one of her patients)
  • Do chores together
  • Be silly and adventurous as all dads are

The Teenage Years:

Focus on her emotions and always listen to what she says as this will be beneficial if she’s passing through a difficult time as a male’s perspective will always be handy when dealing with teenage love!

Keep her active and conscious about healthy eating, so she won’t get obsessed with dieting and give her advice on a healthy lifestyle.

BOYS, BOYS, BOYS, horny teenage BOYS 😂😒 Yes I have been there and now I know what dads actually go through haha. But jokes apart, we always see that dads always give a hard time to boyfriends or fiancee’s, will I be different? No, I just pity the first boyfriend Sophia brings home 😂 Ok, I am serious now… We need to be mature about this topic and also cautious as we all know our rebellious teenage years, if dad says North we do South, so be open-minded and listen and not judge!

To conclude today’s blog and my last advise for today is to remember that you will need an ally in parenthood and that’s your wife, so it is very important that you communicate and discuss things together as a team since raising children is not just loving them, but also get them ready for life! Which we all know is not that easy!

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