The Joys Of Being Raised By A Great Mum!

by David

With mother’s day around the corner, we need to show our appreciation and spoil them for the hard commitment they did with raising you and your siblings 😊 I know mine did!

Did we ever look back at our childhood and teen years and reminisce what our mums went through to raise us? What sacrifices they did to make us happy? And all we had to say is Thank You! So today I will be thanking all the mothers and sharing with them these beautiful memories of being a mum from a son’s eyes!

Our first bonding experience starts with our mum, we feel what she feels, we eat what she eats and hear what she hears, so when we are born, we are greeted by a nurturing human-being that we call, Mum!

My childhood was awesome thanks to my parents, but today is not about my dad, but about my mum!

I not only want to thank her for raising me, but she made me appreciate the beauty of motherhood and to respect all the hard work they do to help raise their children to be the best they can! But what do mother’s actually teach us?

Love and Compassion

My mum always taught me to think of others, hence why I started this blog as I always see her helping people and not expect anything in return, just a thank you will suffice. So, I wanted to do the same by helping father’s and families to appreciate the beauty of parenthood and all the hurdles that come with it! My childhood was full of lessons from my parents, but what I can say both my mother and father taught me valuable lessons that thanks to them, I will teach to my children and to their children!

How to feel Emotions!

I remember my mum was always worried about me, be it when I go out when I went to school or when I cried in her arms! So, what did that teach me? It taught me a lot now, as when I was younger I thought that my mum is overdramatic, but now that I have a daughter, I can see why she did. Still, fathers are wired differently than mothers, we cannot feel the full emotional rollercoaster that mother’s go through as I also see how my wife reacts with certain things we pass through with our daughter! But, remembering makes me realize she wasn’t overreacting, but just being an awesome protective mum, like my wife and all mother’s out there!

How to heal all your bubus!

I was a very clumsy kid, my body is full of stitches so you can imagine how my mum felt when she saw me all covered in blood smiling or screaming my head-off with pain! But as kids, I remember I always used to go to my mum when I got hurt as I know she will miraculously make my Bubu disappear! Even now I am very close with my daughter, if she hurts herself she goes to my wife and not to me (Yes, I feel jealous haha) But why? Maybe as a father we try to show some toughness towards our children and tell them it’s ok “Tikber u Tinsa”(You’ll grow older and forget it ever happened) a quote that my dad and granddads repeated over and over again haha so I guess all children will prefer being mummied rather than being taught a lesson 😅

That your secrets are safe from Dad

I remember this, but I think all of us can relate to this! My mum was like my lawyer and she always defended us against Dad! My mum sure did🤣 She knew all my secrets and she always promised me that my father will never know, although my father always found out all my secrets, how? That, I will never know.. heqhimmm

Of course, there are other reasons why mothers are awesome as I lived with one and I am now living with another one who is the mother of my daughter! So, today I want to show my appreciation to all mums by giving some great incentives to dads, children and all people who appreciate the beauty of motherhood. I am collaborating with The Malta Florist and giving all of my readers an amazing 25% discount on all the amazing flower bouquets they have prepared for us this Mother’s day which is on the 10th of May.

Interested? I sure am, so how do I order?

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Ok, but before I order I need to know what I want to order? Check their range below!

The Malta Florist in collaboration with TMD

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Does this post make you reminisce your childhood? If yes, share your memories with all the readers and let’s give a hand to all mother’s out there 🙌

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