Do you have a dad bod? It’s ok!

by David

Let’s face it when having kids, you are going to gain weight, it’s a fact! BUT, is it ok?

Let’s talk about me, I was an active person before I had kids, six-pack, everything fits perfectly and feeling confident when going to the beach, but when my wife was pregnant, she used to eat so much weird stuff, that it’s natural that I ate what she did, that’s being a good husband, since I was supporting her 😂, right? Unfortunately, it’s a matter of how you define a dad bod.

What is a dad bod?

Society defines it as “a man’s physique that is not shredded nor lean but still attractive.” From my perspective, I have been there, but I took it a bit too far, so today I will write about that having a dad bod is not bad, but make sure you still have time to keep yourself healthy and fit, but at the same time, you don’t need a chiselled six-pack, to look good, you just need to be confident and have a good balanced diet, to avoid any repercusions in the future.

Having a dad bod, is it ok?

There is no a right answer here, it’s all about how you feel and how you want to look, as every dad has a different way on how they feel comfortable. Maybe one dad trains, but loves to share an ice-cream sundae with his kids, but still eats healthy, however you may be the dad who still works out during the week and doesn’t shy away from an occasional cheat meal. Whoever you are, even though we have our commitments of work, family and finances we should never neglect ourselves, even more so when it comes to our physical and mental health.

But am I promoting being obese is ok?

Not, at all! I am promoting the opposite, don’t neglect yourself, find time to unwind by exercising or at least going for a walk/run, plus eating healthy and avoid eating fast food, as if you promote eating healthy, your family follows too. By logic, you only have a ‘dad bod’ if you are fit. but not too fit; that you have that cheeky small flabby fat, but not too much.

Shall I lose the dad bod?

Not really, if you eat heathy, keep fit and active, don’t obsess yourself! But your main focus at this stage is find your ‘You’ time and still find time for your wife and kids. If working out, strict dieting and having time for everyone works for you, do it! My opinion is don’t let society define you, but do what makes you feel comfortable! However, if the people around you are motivating to start exercising or heathy eating since you became slightly overweight, don’t ignore it.

What did I do wrong?

I remember I was not only 12 kilos overweight, but also found every excuse not to exercise and only had the time to eat that easy comfort food instead of getting my hands dirty, let’s not forget the tight clothes 🤣 I kept finding excuses not to start and once I was at a peak where going up the stairs was like running a 10k marathon, I just texted my personal trainer and started my new journey of getting back to feeling confident with my body!

What would I have changed?

Simple, just twice a week, I exercise at least 45minutes and also eat healthier food, if I had done that, I would still have space for that cheeky ice-cream sundae 😉 Small changes, that will make you feel comfortable, healthy and confident.

In conclusion, whatever body type you are don’t feel ashamed, but two things you should keep in mind:

  • Don’t neglect yourself and always find time for yourself to exercise
  • Eat good and heathy food as your family will definitely follow

If you are going to become a dad, follow the above, but if you already have that one pack belly, its not too late, just pluck up courage and do that extra step to start. If you are reading this article, you are already on the right track.

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