Dads Are Important Too!

by David
Image by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pixabay

COVID-19 the most talked about subject in 2020 and 2021, even after all of this, the confusion still continues day after day, week after week and month after month, but who is actually right?

There is no actually who is right or wrong, but simply what is needed? And this brings me to my topic today, why dads are needed throughout the whole birthing process.

New Restriction:

With the new government restrictions, expectant mothers who are giving birth are to be left alone before and after the birth and partners are only allowed during birth. When I read this, I had to read it over and over again to understand what is the reasoning behind it, also last year we had a different debate, but it was a different story and birth partners were only allowed during the delivery and obviously I disagreed since we as fathers or partners need to be there from the beginning and until the end. Now, the confusion continues and they are now not allowing dads/birth partners in the Obstetrics ward 🤨

Way Forward:

I understand we all need to beat COVID, but if you are going to restrict the most important day of the parent’s lives, ban everything including a visit to households etc. Yes, at least they are allowing partners to enter if they are swabbed and the results are shown negative for the delivery, even if its a spontaneous birth and the results are not issued on time, they can enter the labour ward.

Why are fathers or birth parents important before and after?

Very simple, both parents are excited and scared before birth, so it’s important both parents are comforting each other and even the fact that the partner is sitting next to you and is even more scared than the mother, it is still reassuring for mother’s that they are by her side before the big day! After birth its 100% essential too, so your wife is going through all that birthing experience and do you think she will have the energy to handle everything on her own after? Yes, midwives will help her, but the father/partner is the most useful here. We are the anchor and shoulder to lean on after all that happened, so don’t neglect us!

The first signs of birth and rehabilitation phase are equally important to the delivery phase,

“We want to be part of this miracle, as we want to recount to our children what a hero their mum was during/after their birth and tell them all about their birth journey!”

What can you do?

First, sign this petition and then share, share, share this post and remind other people why a dad/birth partner is needed during childbirth!


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