Tips To Be A Great Birth Partner

by David
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We all hear our parents or in-laws saying you should do this or not do this during birth, well I can give you some advice but I would prefer to ask for some expert advice from one of our expert midwives and HypnoBirthing Teacher Rebecca Mizzi about being a great birth partner.

From my experience, a birth partner is the one who gives emotional and physical support whilst the mother-to-be is in labour. Having an active role in this will help facilitate the birth process and your partner will rest assured that she has a shoulder to lean on during birth. Today Rebecca will share her thoughts on this and if you are expecting a child, take note of the below:

Tips To Be A Great Partner:

  • Be involved with preparing and packing the hospital bag. There is nothing more frustrating
    for the birthing mother, the midwife and yourself as a birth partner, then a birth partner who has
    no idea where things are packed in the hospital bag.
  • Listen! This is the most important thing for everyone in the birthing room, listen to the birthing
    mother, listen with eyes and ears, if her lips are dry offer a drink, if she’s asked you to do something then do it. Listening should start well before the birth by discussing together birth preferences and any fears that may be coming up during pregnancy.
  • Put your phone away. Birth is a special time to connect on many levels. People outside the birthing room do not need constant updates with what’s going on, the focus should be on the mother, don’t let your devices get in the way of that
  • Provide food & drinks. We encourage light snacking and keeping hydrated in labour so come well equipped with food, isotonic drinks, water and a straw.
  • Keep yourself busy, but appreciate that at times the best thing you can do is simply be present. You may be in charge of the playlist of mothers’ preferred music for the birth, or you may be getting hands-on with massage, however, sometimes labour and birth involve waiting patiently and being supportive and present is the most important thing you can do.
  • Don’t panic, you need to be a source of comfort and reassurance during labour, to avoid panic be prepared. There are many ways to prepare yourself from attending positive birth Malta meetups, antenatal education courses such as parent craft, and practising hypnobirthing together.
  • Hugs, kisses & dancing together are great to boost oxytocin– the hormone of labour & birth, so will help immensely and keep you connected during labour.

Simple tips, but highly effective! Thank you, Rebecca! Do you have more tips to share? Comment below and do not forget to share this article with expectant parents!

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