Oxytocin the hormone of love and birth

by David
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We are all mesmerized with childbirth, but do we actually know that certain hormones facilitate this miracle? Today, with the help of our midwife Rebecca, she will be explaining the Oxytocin Hormone and where is it present?

Rebecca the page is all yours: –

Thank you David, and yes today I will be discussing the natural Oxytocin Hormone and how a dad can help with this below:

Oxytocin is just one of the many hormones that have a role in childbearing, however, it is by far the most important one! Oxytocin is well known for its role with labour contractions, breastfeeding and even orgasm, however, you might not know that it is also a key player in bonding with the newborn baby too! Therefore it is no understatement when we call this hormone the love hormone.
Now that we have established oxytocin’s role let’s look at what dads can do to facilitate the best use of this hormone, here are just a few tips and ideas

– A gentle touch, massage, hugs and kisses from you to your partner in labour will boost her oxytocin levels making labour more effective as well as improving the mother’s ability to cope with contractions, of course, every woman is different and some women prefer not to be touched in labour.

– Facilitating a calm and quiet environment for birth by dimming the lights and ensuring privacy, the same can be implemented for breastfeeding, especially in the early days when establishing feeding.

– Skin to skin contact between mum and baby and between dad and baby increases oxytocin levels facilitating bonding and early parenting. Generally, new mums are encouraged to have skin to skin contact with baby to facilitate breastfeeding and baby’s transition from womb to the outside world. However recent research has shown multiple benefits of skin to skin contact between baby and dad, to include, keeping baby warm and facilitating positive parenting. So after the baby’s first feed, while your partner is resting or seeing to her own personal needs it’s a great time for dads to have skin to skin contact and get to know their little one.

Thank you, Rebecca, for a brief, but the useful topic on how a dad/partner can help with the release of this hormone. Also if you want to learn more Positive Birth Movement Malta is organizing an event this month and this will be surely an interesting one to attend to all new parents to be. The event is free and will be held on Monday 20th January in Msida, click on this link to learn more.


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