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I remember like it was yesterday, waiting for Saturday to hit the clubs and go to AXIS club in Paceville, once I was in, to my surprise I find out that DJ Armani is Djing tonight (Speechless emotion) Those were the days 🙌 Growing up, I loved his music, but what if I tell you, I was lucky enough to get to know one of the legendary DJ’s in Malta, Mr Joseph Armani! Whoever doesn’t know Joseph Armani (Which I doubt 😂), here is a sneak peek of some of his music

So, you might have this question how can a popular DJ like Joseph Armani juggle fatherhood and music? Let’s find out together 🎛🎚

The Maltese Daddy: Joseph thanks for having the time sharing your fatherhood journey with my readers, let’s start with some intro questions, what are the names of your two sons?

Joseph Armani: My eldest is called Denzel Jo (DJ in short) and my youngest is Beppe (short for Giuseppe which is my original name)



The Maltese Daddy: Ok, so all dads prepare differently when their wife/partner tell them the big news, that she’s pregnant! How did you prepare for that?

Joseph Armani: The first one was a surprise, but I always wished to have a family since I was little so I was very happy with the news and from then, my life changed as he became my top priority in my life. The second was planned so I was hoping to get the news anytime soon during that period. And my wife gave it to me on Father’s Day, so you can imagine my reaction when I opened the gift box and found the positive pregnancy test. Priceless Moment.


The Maltese Daddy: That’s amazing! What a lovely gesture from your wife 😊 From what I can see you are very close with your family, but we all have this question, you are well known in the entertainment industry, how do you cope with that and also being a father?

Joseph Armani: I must say it’s not an easy task. But I manage to cope pretty well. When I’m not travelling or busy in the studio, I try to spend as much time as possible with the kids. My wife and I have a very nice compromise in dividing tasks with the kids. I take care of the morning duties, like preparing for school since my wife works as well and she has to prepare herself as well. I take care of sports activities and whatever they need to do after school as well. I have a very close bond with both my kids.


The Maltese Daddy: Yes, communication is key not only with your kids, but also with your wife/partner as that’s key for a successful and promising relationship! We all know that dads are more passionate to guide their children into their footsteps, especially when it comes to hobbies, sports etc, do you want your sons to follow your career footsteps? If not do you push them to love it or give them the freedom to choose whatever they want?

Joseph Armani: I give them the freedom to choose. But the eldest is already showing that he’s going to continue with my legacy and already showing enough potential to do even better than I did. The little one is still a bit young, but he adores music so who knows?!

Family Fun

Family Fun

The Maltese Daddy: Will we have a new DJ Armani in our midst? (Check out his remix) It clearly shows that you are using your fatherly ethics wisely and already shaping up your kids to become better than you were, those traits show you will be an influential person in their life, keep it up! But what do you love the most about being a father?

Joseph Armani: The moment I come back home and find them both waiting for me and as soon as I walk in they both rush to me, hugging and kissing me, it’s Priceless! They’re both the reason I live for.


The Maltese Daddy: Yes, agreed 100%! That’s one of the best feelings being a parent 🙌 Ok, so let’s find out how you deal with discipline, do you believe in it? What’s your strategy?

Joseph Armani: I am very strict with my kids. In a realistic way though. I raise my kids, always showing respect. I don’t need to shout, just one look and they both know if they’re wrong. I don’t believe in violent discipline. One thing I constantly work on is to teach them not to take advantage of the situation that they are who they are (which is Joseph Armani’s Kids)They don’t have any privileges from other kids. And never do anything which they don’t wish to be made to them!


The Maltese Daddy: That is obviously a humble way to show that, as I can clearly state that you as a role model, you are clearly stating this by showing what a down to earth person you are, so a big 👍 for that! Speaking of discipline and strategies, what two guiding principles you follow every day as a father?

Joseph Armani: No matter how busy or tired I am, I try to spend some quality time with them on a daily basis. It’s very important to me. And I focus a lot on their appearance. I stress a lot about the way they look, their hair, clothes they wear, brush their teeth and things like that.


The Maltese Daddy: Yes, being a parent is not easy and can get overwhelming after a hectic day at work, so how do you destress yourself before going home?

Joseph Armani: Well, in today’s life, this happens quite often. And then comes the need of some ME TIME. Before going home, I often go for long drives listening to my favourite music, sing out loud to release tension and stress.. Bring back good vibes.


The Maltese Daddy: Ok, now I can say that I am not the only one who does that 😂 As after a hectic day at work, I take a longer route and do my own karaoke (Maybe I should send you a demo Joseph and we can make a mix haha). All dads have different perspectives to this quote, “Fathers lead their children down the path to adulthood in the hopes they leap beyond the boundaries and forge new ones,” how do you understand it?

Joseph Armani: That’s exactly my objective. I am trying to raise my kids to become better persons hoping that they will do the same with their own and hopefully better.


The Maltese Daddy: I have some bad news, Joseph we are ending the interview 😒 One last question to end this amazing interview, What words of wisdom you can give to other fathers, especially new fathers-to-be, to help them in this amazing journey?

Joseph Armani: Life has treated me very well I must say. I travelled all over the globe, played with the biggest names in the industry in front of the biggest crowds you can imagine, and every time it was an unbelievable rush! But none of them experiences gave me as big of a rush as fatherhood. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s a blessing!!


There you have it readers, Mr Joseph Armani! 🙌

What I learn from these interviews is that all fathers think differently and have different perspectives, but we have one thing in common we all love our children unconditionally! Thanks, Joseph and I wish you all the best in your fatherhood journey as no doubt you are rocking it!




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