Benefits Of Breastfeeding From A Dad’s Perspective – Sponsored by Slinky&Co

by David
Image by sam moody from Pixabay

Throughout my fatherhood journey, I always admired the bond a mother can build with their newborn and this is with one simple act, breastfeeding. In today’s blog post, I am not only going to write about why breastfeeding is good for your newborn, as we all know but today I will be describing how can we as fathers can motivate our partners to make the right choice.

Why is breastfeeding good for newborns?

Let’s imagine the mother is the bartender and her breastmilk is a concoction of nutrients which is the perfect blend for your newborn (I know I am good in painting pictures 🤣). The breastmilk is perfect for your baby’s health and has loads of long term benefits such as:

  • Breastmilk is cost-effective
  • Your baby is less likely to become constipated since it’s all-natural
  • The poop is maybe less messy and not that smelly  compared to bottle-fed babies (Not that 💩 ever smells nice 🤣)
  • Breastmilk won’t cost you any money since apart from that it’s free, you don’t need bottles or any sterilisation equipment

Now is breastfeeding good for your partner?

I always empowered my wife and understood that in order to give the best nutrients for my daughter she needs to eat healthier foods too, but when we read all the benefits that breastfeeding brings, here it is:

  • Help keeps obesity at bay
  • Can help against heart disease
  • Helps prevent other illnesses such as ovarian and breast cancer
  • Helps build the bond with your newborn and releases the love hormone called Oxytocin

How can a father help and empower the mother?

First things first, be the soother and calm down the baby before the feed, as a calm baby enjoys his/her cocktail much better 😉 A fussy baby won’t eat and listening to your voice is a great bonding experience.

After the feed, you can easily take your child and try and burp him/her, once done take your child and lay him onto your bare chest. This method can also help build a great bond with your son/daughter 🙌

Last, but not least after birth your wife/partner may feel less attractive, so make her feel special and buy her some nice quality lingerie from a local e-shop I will no doubt recommend Slinky&Co. Yes, there are a lot of other shops who sell these type of undergarments, but this high-quality lingerie is no ordinary lingerie, they were created by mother’s for mothers, so what better way to make mothers feel good again and be confident on what they do.

Who are Slinky&Co?

Their core values are to make new mothers confident and feel good about themselves, I was obviously approached by them and wanted to surprise my wife with their high-quality maternity lingerie. I was not disappointed, my wife loved the material (and she is fussy 😒) and I have to admit they look appealing 😉😘 So, dad if you’re reading this, Christmas is around the corner and trust me she will appreciate the gesture, mine sure did 🙌🤣 And mums if you stumble across this blog “Tista’ titfa botta” (You can drop a hint) that you need something more comfortable and subtle for Christmas 🎅🎄





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