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by David

After reviewing the CAM ISTANTE, today we will be going through a similar product made by CAM, which is the “The Original Booster Seat,” the CAM SMARTY which is made in Italy and distributed solely by Nursery Direct.

I personally do no own one of these models, as my daughter is still using the high-chair, but when I was shown this product by Nursery Direct, it struck me as a really good portable product. Before I dive into today’s review, I would like to thank all my readers for the great feedback I am receiving from these posts, I am glad that I am helping parents make a smart decision before buying baby products.

The CAM SMARTY is what we can say is an innovative style booster chair, developed mostly for parents who are actively on the go and don’t want to carry those bulky high-chairs. In my opinion and that is where CAM stands out from other brands, is its love towards their customers as they understand that the product should be kept clean and comfortable for everyday use hence why they created the soft removable, washable and breathable padding to streamline flexibility for the parents.

Safety is one of their most important features and they made sure to implement also the 3 – point safety harness and a universal fixing system with an adjustable harness which can fit with any chair of your liking, cool right? The height is also adjusted with 4 height position (0-18cm), so it can cater for babies and toddlers for meals at the table. One of the most unique selling points for the CAM SMARTY is the compactness for travel as its portability helps you fit this chair in any car and also very handy to carry around. Also, something between you and I, since Christmas is approaching you can hint to your parents to buy this “handy” chair as a present since its a cheaper option to buy than the CAM ISTANTE. From what I gathered due to to its portability this compact chair, can also be used by restaurant owners, who need to avoid buying bulking high-chairs, but instead, CAM found a solution for this as this can be attached to a chair and won’t take any extra space plus its easily stored 😉

To conclude today’s review, what I can say is:


Practical and Portable

Easy to wash and a not synthetic material


Not that sturdy as a typical high-chair

Worth to mention is, that if you are after a slightly more stylish chair, is the CAM SMARTY POP. The SMARTY POP’s only difference is the style as it has more colourful cushion options.



From all the baby products, I have come across, I never found a perfect product there is always something missing, but with today’s review I can say that this particular model cannot be substituted for a home high-chair as in that case I would recommend the CAM ISTANTE, but if you want a chair you can carry around at restaurants or at your parents house, this model can seal the deal. Stay tuned for the next The Maltese Daddy Recommends, where I will go into much more detail with Nursery Direct’s vast range of products they can offer.

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