The Maltese Daddy Recommends – The CAM Cubo

by David

As we’ve seen from the Compass Stroller, CAM makes sure to give us a good quality product at an affordable price. We see strollers that are either expensive and not worth to buy or else some cheap stroller that all its parts are manufactured outside Europe. So when choosing a stroller, one must keep in mind two things in my opinion, weight, and portability. Why? Let me tell you why!

Imagine you went out with your child with the car and want to have a short stroll in the Sliema seafront. You find parking and have a heavy baby bag to take out, your child is crying in the car as she wants to get out of her car seat and imagine you have also a heavy stroller to take out and you’re all alone. I have been there and trust me it took me forever just to go out, stressful right? So, today I will be talking about the advantages of having a light and compact stroller.

As I mentioned in the short video review, this stroller is the ideal weight of weighing just 6.8kgs, light right? This stroller is also practical, meaning it will take you just a few seconds to open and close. CAM says it’s a one-hand gesture, but between you and I need to practice a bit to close and open like that or maybe it’s just me haha. So once I was testing this stroller, it took me around 10 seconds to take out the stroller and open. Then another 10 seconds to take out your child from the car seat, so there you have it 20 seconds to start my stroll in Sliema.

Ok, so now I will give you another scenario which I swear it pi***s me off is when you want to go to a shop or restaurant and the passage is so narrow that you cannot go in. So what you need to do is close it, unfortunately, so now imagine a bulky pushchair and you need to hold onto your child whilst you close the stroller or else do what I do just don’t go into the shop haha. Now with the CUBO stroller, you can easily close it with one hand, tried and tested. Therefore, as you can see, the second scenario is more practical no? Yeah, I thought so!
Now, let’s be honest with all its practicality and compactness, it has one disadvantage, that is normal with light strollers, it’s the sturdiness which in my opinion can be a bit frustrating on a bumpy road or pavement, but my daughter enjoys the bumpy roads, so every child is different.

My final verdict, I can say go for this stroller if you want a stroller to travel with, or maybe your parents want an extra stroller so you don’t need to always carry your stroller or if you like going out with the family and not hesitate if you should take the stroller out or not!

If you’re one of these parents, head on over to Nursery Direct and if you mention the Maltese Daddy this month of December, you will get 5% on any purchase including the CUBO stroller.

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