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by David
Sophia Helping Daddy

Having a child is already preparation as it is, right? Now, imagine you need to prepare everything for your bundle of joy when he/she arrives. As a parent, one of my biggest struggles was actually choosing a pushchair for Sophia (daughter). Therefore I am collaborating with Nursery Direct and helping parents by educating them by choosing the right baby product for your child. With Nursery Directs help I will be delivering a series of educational videos to pinpoint the unique points you should consider when buying these products, so stay tuned as we will discover the CAM Compass Stroller:

Let’s face it, the first thing that makes us choose a stroller, is the appearance, so CAM made sure to keep the Italian style alive by implementing a modern style look, weighing only at 6.9kgs and measuring a height of only 57cm. This is the CAM Compass! Complimenting this stroller is an aluminium frame which makes this item a high demand necessity for today’s modern families.

CAM has our baby covered, no pun intended, with its extending hood, side and back openings for better airflow and keeps your child cool. We want the best for our baby, so comfort plays an important role in keeping your baby from getting cranky so you will need to keep in mind that several back-rest positions will be your life-changing choice as your child will thank you when he/she is sleepy.

When it comes to safety, the pushchair has a 5 point harness with a padded crotch and shoulder protection. Keeping on the same theme of safety the wheels of a stroller should be sturdy and also with locks.

When having a baby you need stuff, I mean a ton of stuff so that is why we as parents should think about storage, so CAM made sure to give this need by giving us parents a spacious basket with a magnetic fastener underneath the stroller, neat right? That’s not all another amazing must-have in the stroller is the ultra-compact folding with just a one-hand gesture, which then free-stands when folded and can easily turn into a trolley. Travelling from one place to another, you need a stroller which is convenient for you right? Right, so CAM made their stroller easy to close and fit perfectly at the back of your car and also in a plane’s cabin, yes you heard it right. You can take this compact stroller anywhere, so there you have it, convenience and that is what you need.

Interested? Head on over to Nursery Direct and make sure you check out their vast range of strollers, stay tuned next week for our next The Maltese Daddy Recommends.


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