The Great Outdoors in Malta

by David
What's This Daddy?

Finally Malta’s weather is changing and yes we can enjoy the great outdoors our island can offer, but obviously everyone might ask where can I take my family especially my toddler with a pushchair? Yes, the thorn in every parents a%!’s is the pushchair as not every place is accessible for our bed on wheels😒 So today I will be discussing with every parent, where I took my family to enjoy the Maltese sun…

The first on my list is our beaches here in Malta, as the weather starts getting warmer we can enjoy our time by unwinding and “Nilaqu ix-xemx” (A Maltese expression meaning we lick the sun which obviously doesn’t mean actually licking the sun, but enjoying it). One beach I took Sophia which are easily accessible are:

Golden Bay – Golden Bay is situated in the North West of Malta and is one of the largest beaches in Malta plus enjoys ample parking and also is accessible for pushchairs to go down the sandy beach… So take your sunblock, beach towel and cooler and enjoy the beautiful day on our second most popular beach in Malta after Mellieha (Aka L-Ghadira which is btw also easy accessible). If your child is older than a year and can easily walk or you own a baby carrier, I would recommend a nice nature hike (click here for directions) for the more adventurous parents as you can enjoy the beautiful views Malta has to offer.

San Anton Gardens – My most fondest childhood memory of a garden was that of San Anton and never disappointed me, even now at 28 years old I still love this place? Why? I think because of the fresh air and animal friendly garden, as if you’re lucky you may come across the peacock family, the elegant swans and who cannot mention the notorious turtles enjoying the Maltese sun. So grab your family, some packed sandwiches and enjoy the fresh citrus smell of the orange gardens around the garden.

Talking about countryside, I cannot not mention the famous Chadwick Lakes, to anyone who never went there, no there are no lakes, but dams who are homes for frogs and also a fresh water crab which is very hard to spot called il-Qabru. Grab your picnic baskets and enjoy a nice stroll in one of Malta’s old nature walks.

An island surrounded by water I cannot not mention also our beautiful aquarium which is at St.Pauls Bay. Our national aquarium not only has a variety of fish and sharks, but also have an array of activities where your little ones can enjoy such as a playground and also ample space to run around and playing with other children. Haven’t been there yet? So book your tickets online and avoid the queues plus you can also enjoy a 10% discount if you book online, also did I mention they have family tickets, so yes the aquarium has it all.

Last place I visited these past few months with my daughter was The Malta Experience, where the staff where so helpful and is also accessible for pushchairs. Being a Maltese I never went to the Malta Experience (which is a shame) and watching this thrilling documentary of how we Maltese went through thick and thin in the past and how we as a country always took pride and defended our beautiful island, made me realize how proud I am to be Maltese. Also together with this tour we visited the National War Museum which is in St.Elmo and is also push chair accessible, but my opinion is try to go with a carrier if you want to enjoy the museum as the historic rooms are a bit narrow and if you have a tanker for a pushchair not highly recommended 😂

Obviously these are just a few places I visited with my family and I will surely visit more places and give you my own personal parent experience. Are their places you want me to mention which are child-friendly? Send me a message with your list and I will surely visit and write down my second blog post of places of interest for families 😊

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