The Unconditional Love Of A Dad

by David
Trying to be Cool

Throughout our lives we meet people, we communicate with friends and fall in love with them, but we never felt something like the unconditional love of our dad. I felt this love with my father as this love was not only heard, but by him demonstrating it throughout my childhood.

The love a dad is wired in every man’s brain to take care of his offspring, self-sacrifice and protect them from any harm whatsoever. You might ask yourself especially new dads, I don’t know if I am ready to do all that?… Trust me this is a natural instinct once you see your child for the very first time, your natural instinct kicks in and you will start to love your son/daughter unconditionally.

We all have our own ways of showing love to our children and all of them are fine if it is for the best, but me speaking and interviewing fathers in these past few months I have gathered some useful guidelines from each and every dad, which also taught me a lot.

Children don’t want another best friend, they want a dad who can teach them from right and wrong, be there when they need him to take tough decisions and someone who can be a shoulder to lean on. My first friend was my father and he taught me to become a man who takes care of his wife/partner and educate my children to be ready to face life, which I can clearly say he succeeded.

Make sure that your children know that you love them no matter what, but don’t make them get confused that whatever they do there will be no repercussions. Show them that you are against bad behavior, but no matter what you will support them in any way possible good or bad, as those children knowing that their father supports them are less likely to become rebellious.

My daughter is 8 months old and I make sure that I spend my “Daddy time” with her everyday in the morning before work and after work, what do I do? Very simple be there, talk with her, sing with her, play with her and most importantly smile with her. Spending time with your children is the most effective way of showing them you love them as even though they are young they will still remember that you were there.

Nowadays society frowns upon discipline, but everyone needs to be disciplined as if we are not disciplined how can we learn? So I am not encouraging yelling, physical punishment or abuse, but the complete opposite be smart and don’t get emotional as children tend to get defensive if you start yelling and won’t listen, so speak to them with a corrective tone and make them understand what they did wrong, but keep it short as children at a young age tend to have a short attention span.

Stay positive and don’t pity yourself in front of your child show them that you’re consistent

and strong minded so they can see you as a role-model.

Last, but not least show your children to love and appreciate life, if we do that your child will cherish you, their mother and life.

There are no such thing as perfect fathers, but a father will always love perfectly.

Check out my article on “You’re Pregnant” magazine, a big thank you goes to the editor and head of parent craft for this opportunity!

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