Is your child ready?

by David

Ready for what? For your child to be potty trained (da da dummm), a statement which is music to your ears. Today’s ask the expert will be different, but all info was given by the one and only Janita (The Potty Trainer Guru from Start Pottywell Synergy)


We all expect it one day or another that our bundle of joy has to start and make the leap from nappies to that big boy/girl underwear as let’s face it we want to cut off from the expense of buying nappies and also this is also an indication for them that they are growing up and becoming like mummy and daddy young adults 🤭

You might ask when do we start?

The average time is around 22 – 34 months, but every child is different and has a unique time frame. A big obstacle in potty training is that parents compare their children to other of a similar age. Please don’t!

The same way all children start to walk at different times, they will also be capable to potty train at different times.

When we speak about if our child is ready to start potty training, that is not the correct term, but rather if they are capable. Below are ta set of question Janita explained to me:

  • Is your toddler capable to pull down and push up that big boy/girl underwear?
  • Is your toddler able to communicate with you when they are hungry or thirsty?
  • Is your toddler able to recite the ABC’s with you? This demonstrates that they can learn by repetition and it a good sign that those nappy free days might be close.
  • Is your little mini me running away and hiding for those number 2’s (💩)? Privacy is starting to matter to him/her and also one of those signs to look out for.

If you answered yes to all of them, this is a good sign but take note that not all of these signs will be present in all children.

Always keep in mind that potty training might be an enormous step forward, it is just another developmental milestone.

If you are still confused (Hope you aren’t) there’s light at the end of the tunnel, Janita will be hosting 2 workshops, yes due to popular demand she will be having two workshops at different dates which are one of the 15th (follow link to book) and the other on the 17th (follow link to book) of May. Cannot attend? No worries, you can reach Janita on her facebook page Start Pottywell Synergy and trust me she will be with you in a jiffy.

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