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Mama Advice – The Maltese Mama

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My name is Angele, a mummy of three daughters aged 11 years, 9 years and 8 months. Following the birth of my daughter I decided to write and document a motherhood and parenting blog. As an experienced mummy, I wanted to be able to share with my followers the many insights, experiences and knowledge that I have gained in relation to the different stages of motherhood from the very first time that positive line shows up on the pregnancy test to the teenage years and beyond. I also aspire that my blog will act as a two-way communication medium in which it will be a space where us mothers and mothers-to-be can share, collaborate and support one another. Documenting our life journey is definitely the highlight of our blog, where we get to share our highs and lows as we ride through everyday life.

‘I have been following The Maltese Daddy for over a year now and I have always been inspired by his dedication and passion for documenting his fatherhood journey. Most of the time and even in today’s society (albeit it is slowly changing) raising kids still seems to be associated with the role of the mother and we tend to often forget the important role of the father in the upbringing of children. Through his blog David aims to support fathers by documenting his parenting journey on various subjects so as to help them with their struggles as they ride the journey of parenthood and fatherhood through the eyes of a dad.  For the above reason I wanted to collaborate with David so as to help fathers and fathers-to-be to understand the journey of parenthood from the perspective of mother. Having said that we plan to do this through ‘ MAMA ADVICE’ section.
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