Breaking the Summer Body Madness mindset

by David

Summer brings us more than heat, it brings us eating delicious ice-creams, a nice crisp suntan and also enjoying that cool sweet beverage under the sun, but can we do all that and have a Summer Body? Do we need to actually prepare for Summer or should we be heathy all year round and skip this misconception of preparing our body for Summer? I personally don’t know and that is why I asked our new collaborator Peter, who is our Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert to explain his take on today’s topic.


TheMalteseDaddy: Peter can you elaborate on my intro and discuss this hot topic for today?

Peter: Certainly, here goes:

With summer in full swing, it seems prudent to address the summer body mindset… As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, one of the most common statements I hear is “ I need to get ready for summer!”

When you look at the trends in gyms across the Globe, the busiest months are those 3 or 4 months leading up to Summer, understandably so, everyone wants to look good at the beach or on the company boat party.

Then summer comes, and we drink and eat more than we need to, indulging ourselves and essentially throwing away all the hard work we did… summer ends and we lose sight of those goals we had and we are back at square one, with unwanted weight, high blood pressure struggling with breathe…. The list goes on.

The reason for this is that looking good on the beach is merely a byproduct of being healthy, so many of us see it as the main goal or focus, putting pressure on ourselves, and getting discouraged. Then before we know it, we are in a negative cycle playing cat and mouse with our fitness goals.

Looking good is great, but it is not an indication that we are fit healthy and strong. Health starts from the inside out, it starts with small consistent healthy habits, introduced slowly and attainably, this is how we achieve lasting results, we make a habit out of making healthy choices, small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or drinking more water, taking the dogs for a walk or going on hikes with your partner and or friends.

These small choices to get active or eat healthy all add up and contribute to your overall health and well being.

So the key factors to consider when striving for a healthy lifestyle, are attainability and consistency, lets have a quick look at these two components:

  • Attainability, we need to set goals that are achievable, not too big, but not two small, be realistic with yourself. Consider your lifestyle, your schedule and set small attainable goals accordingly.
  • Consistency is the next big factor to consider, this works hand in hand with attainability, when a goal is attainable, it can then become consistent next comes positive change.

The responsibility is on us to take hold of our health and fitness, not just for summer, not just to look good, but to pave the way for a long and healthy future doing the things we love, without looking over our shoulders and worrying about health complications brought on by bad habits, or even caring what those around us think.

We all have our own race to run, choose to run yours today, start making small attainable healthy habits, make them consistent and start living your healthy life, creating the best version of yourself.

TheMalteseDaddy: Wow, Peter you answered my question excellently, so I guess the only way to conclude today’s blog post is to say that the importance of keeping healthy and fit throughout the year is not only beneficial for your health, but also for your mind ethic too.

Please follow Peter’s journey to Fitness and Nutrition on Healthy For Life- Malta and if you have any topic you would like me to ask Peter, please comment on TheMalteseDaddy social media page.





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