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by David
Daddy Alex and his beautiful daughter

Hey Readers, it’s been a while I know, but I am back now ✌

Also, my interviews are back and today we will be getting to know one of my collaborators, The Maltese Mama!

The Maltese Mama started her parenthood journey a while and together with her husband they have three beautiful daughters and both of us decided to share some parenting tips to our fellow readers if you want to follow her mum adventures you can find her here on Facebook and Instagram

How did you tell your husband that you were pregnant starting from the firstborn until the last?

All three I called him on his phone…I could not wait to share the exciting news! He was super happy of course.

Whilst you were in your early days of pregnancy any tips for the new dads?

The early days of pregnancy can be tough on us women due to the major hormonal changes happening within our body. A lot of mums experience bouts of morning sickness and a lot of fatigue during this time so I would advise dads to be to support their partner by providing extra help around the house or by helping out with any children the couple might have.

What things your husband helped you on during your pregnancy? Any other things you would like to mention?

My husband Alex helped me by taking care of the children’s needs especially during the first trimester. He also came around for pregnancy check-ups such as baby scans and hence I felt I was not doing this alone but I had his support. Since he is a Chef, he also cooked for the kids when I was not feeling so well 😁

Should your partner help you in living healthy during pregnancy? If yes how?

Yes, the baby is of both the mother and father to be so the partner should be involved as much as possible in the different stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an exciting stage for the couple but it can also be a nerve-wracking time since unfortunately, things do not go always the way we plan. So the partner should support the wife with ensuring that she gets the support she needs by attending to pregnancy check-ups/scans, attending antenatal classes as well as getting the bags ready for the hospital.

The Big day, how did your husband react? And what advice you can give to dads?

My husband is not a person that shows his emotions much. In fact, he never cried during the births but you could see in his face with each birth that this was a very happy moment for him. As soon as we had our babies (all delivered via a c-section) he was the first one to call our family and friends with the exciting news!
As for dads, I would advise them to give their woman courage and support as giving birth is a major life event in a women’s life. Be there to help her both before, during and in the postpartum period. Especially during the postpartum, I do encourage dads to help out as much as possible with the needs of the baby. If a woman is breastfeeding then dads can help out with the housework chores or changing the baby’s diapers. Also, looking after the baby whilst the woman gets some rest is almost always appreciated by the mother! Babies are very demanding creatures in the first days of their lives so having that extra support from the husband means a lot to us women!
There you have it, readers, The Maltese Mama’s interview, did you like her interview? I am sure you did the same way I did. so stay tuned for her next interview and one last thing before I conclude:

Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

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