My Newborn Photoshoot Experience with M&J

by David

I had my fair share of photoshoots with various photographers and all of them were great! One thing I noticed that every photographer has something special about them and today I will be speaking about our experience with M&J Photography!

Getting to know M&J photography:

If you missed my previous post about M&J, check it out! When I was first approached by Mags, I immediately felt a positive vibe from her as she seemed more excited than me having my second child 😂 When we scheduled the date, she went through a whole list of plans on what we would like to achieve from this photoshoot including her recommendations, colours, props etc. My wife had already fallen in love with her organisation and professionalism since her main goal is not for her to decide how best to do the shoot, but her mentality is that it’s our photoshoot, so she wanted our opinion and then she gave feedback based on her experience dealing with newborn shoots. The day arrived and yes it was during the surge in COVID-19 cases, so we were a bit on the edge what to expect, but when we arrived everything was spotlessly clean and the rules she gave us were very clear in order to make sure to keep us safe. She made sure we stay with the face masks throughout the shoot, remove our shoes, sanitize our hands constantly and keep a safe distance between us.

The photoshoot experience:

The first thing when we entered was a warm welcome and obviously the star of the shoot our baby Emilia ❤👶

Warm Welcome from M&J Photography

Warm Welcome from M&J Photography

The shoot started and one thing I noticed was Mags experience and professionalism kicking in, by giving us the whole agenda for that shoot and one thing she highlighted was the baby’s comfort so she won’t upset her (Trust me Emilia barely cried throughout the shoot). When she went through all the agenda, she showed her baby wardrobe with all the clothes that Emilia could wear with a variety of fairy, princesses outfits, so on and so forth.

A section of M&J Wardrobe

A section of M&J Wardrobe

Do I recommend M&J Photography?

Of course, I definitely rate the session as a great photoshoot experience, but when I then saw the results with the photos she delivered, I can say hands down that it was a huge success and all those hours paid off 🙌 So, readers, if you’re looking for a shoot for your newborn, baby, toddlers or even maternity, shoots no doubt M&J Photography will fulfil all your expectations, take it from a dad who experienced it first hand.  A sneak peek of the shoot below:


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