Meet Vince Mallia

by David
Vince and his daughter

Throughout my interviews, you start to meet a diversity of dads with different mentalities and lifestyle, but a question do I have to change my lifestyle completely when my first child is born? To answer my question, I am proud to interview such a young talented businessman Vince Mallia. I knew Vince since I was young and he always had that business flare inside of him and I was right he opened one of the most iconic club lounges in Malta, Truth. After this successful run, he obviously wanted to start a new restaurant and did he give up? No, with his daughter already born he opened a successful fast-food restaurant called NOM-NOM with his successful handling of meat products from his father’s legacy. So without further adieu, I am proud to announce, Vince Mallia.

The Maltese Daddy: Thank you, Vince, for accepting my interview and really excited how our interview will unfold. The reason this interview is different as I want proof that having your own dream doesn’t have to diminish when your child is born, so let’s start with our first question what’s your daughter’s name?

Vince: The pleasure is all mine and yes juggling all things is no easy and I will be going into more detail throughout my interview to show dad’s it’s never too late. To answer your question my lovely princess is Mia Luiza Mallia.

The Maltese Daddy: Being a father is not easy, but what do you enjoy most about being a father?

Vince: To know that you aren’t working just for your own self but you’re building a path for a brighter future for someone else.

The Maltese Daddy: We all know Vince from your ever-growing catering business Truth Malta and now you just opened NOMNOM, how does your hectic life juggle all these businesses and family? Explain your answer.

Vince: Good question, Well it’s not easy at all to raise a family and run the business at the same time but determination is the key to success!, if it wasn’t for my girlfriend Alexsandra to make a big part of my life of being a mother to our own daughter, my family to support me all the way and also to my business partners. If none of all these people wasn’t in my life in these last couple of years we aren’t where we are at the moment.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes, having people giving you the courage to give you a helping hand is always amazing especially from your partner. Starting over when Mia was born, how would you describe your experience when your Alexsandra gave birth to your daughter?

Vince: The most happiest day of my life! I would like to send out a big thanks goes to Alexsandra (girlfriend) for making all that sacrifice for our child and most of all thank God for sending us a beautiful angel.

The Maltese Daddy: A mother’s love is unconditional and beautiful, but mix it up with some fatherly ethics and you have the perfect concoction of a healthy family. Speaking of fatherly ethics, what traditions did your father pass on to you that you will pass on to your children?

Vince: To be humble, loyal, respectful to others and educate yourself to be better than yesterday.

The Maltese Daddy: Wise words,I hope that one day all people will have that mentality😂 Starting to talk about you as a businessman, what advice do you give the dads out there, if they want to open a new business? Or if they want to do something that will require them commitment?

Vince: As I have mentioned before, determination is the key to success… If you have that set on your mind you can do whatever you want in life because you believe in what you’re doing! I’m not saying it’s going be easy because it won’t! You’re going to have failures along the way but that’s the time were you wake up and fight back and unfortunately this will happen again but you will always fight back and be that man you always wanted to be.

The Maltese Daddy: Interesting motivational points, as I can imagine how hard it is to open a business, but once established it is the best reward anyone can give you. Changing subject to your fatherly ethics, discipline or best friend dad? How are your ethics? Explain your answer.

Vince: No doubt, best friends as I believe that you earn her trust to whatever she will face in the future. I don’t want her to be afraid to come and speak to me. Obviously there will always be some discipline moments throughout, but we all need to have some sort of discipline in life.

The Maltese Daddy: What do you want to make sure that your daughter and grandchildren will remember about you?

Vince: That all of this hard work I’m doing is all for them to have a better life.

The Maltese Daddy: True, as all of this, in the long run, is for your child’s benefit. Moving along a more difficult question, mention one or more difficult tasks you encountered throughout your daughter’s development and how you overcame it? Explain your answer

Vince: Difficult to forget this, one time she was eating a packet of snacks and in the blink of an eye she started choking on a small piece that she was eating, she started chocking and at that moment I said to myself her life is in my hands, I kept calm and thank god that I was qualified in first aid. I saved her life, by making her spit it out after a few seconds and she was back breathing normally. I recommend who don’t have this first aid course will go and do it as you learn a lot for these kinds of situations.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes, agreed 100% Vince and thanks for sharing such a difficult experience to our readers, so to all dad out there, don’t regret it after it happens take action now and apply for these important first aid courses. Having raised Mia, what is the secret/s to raising good children from your perspective?

Vince: Live day by day , enjoy the simple things in life and give all the best of love you can to your loved ones.

The Maltese Daddy: Mia is growing fast by the minute, if your daughter will be reading this blog when she is older, what would you say?

Vince: I would love to see her proud of her own daddy 😊

The Maltese Daddy: To conclude this amazing interview what “wisdadm” (A combination of wisdom and dad) would you share with our readers?

Vince: Life is always going to beat you down no matter what your status is, I chose to build a family, build a business of my own and be my own boss. If I can do it anyone can, just believe in yourself!

Thank you Vince for this knowledgeable interview and two things we learned from this interview is to never give up and also be determined to achieve your dreams and always be equipped and knowledgeable about your child’s welfare. Stay tuned for next week’s interview and would you like me to interview your father? Or a person you know, contact me.

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