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by David
Francesco Catania

When you are just a teenager or just finishing university, what’s the typical mentality we are brainwashed to do? Find a career, find a place, get married and then you finally decide that you want a child, do you agree? Yes, unfortunately, that’s how society brainwashes us to do, but is it the only right path for success? Not at all, everyone does it differently, some have a clear path and some have obstacles to past through, but at the end we all want a successful path.

That is why today’s daddy interview is with an old childhood friend and also former classmate Mr. Francesco Catania (applause please🙌). In a way Francesco does not shy away from the limelight as he is that deep masculine voice we hear the news on 89.7bay and also amusing us with his satirical jokes on the air. Just in a nutshell what I admired about Francesco is his positiveness and unconditional love he has for not only his daughter, but for his family, he had Nina when he had just graduated from University so it was tough not only for him, but also Christine (wife) to find their feet, but yes they did it and when you have commitment like theirs anything is possible, so enough babbling from my end, enjoy today’s interview.

The Maltese Daddy: Thank you, Francesco, for accepting my interview and always a pleasure finding some time to catch up. I chose to interview you today Fran, not only because you’re a father, but also as an inspirational to all dads that even if you encounter obstacles in life you can still beat them and become successful in life, so lets start off tell us a little bit about your daughter?

Francesco: Thank you David, always a pleasure helping out new dads and also great job with your initiative, let’s make sure that with this interview we can shine a light to news dads that everything will be okay irrelevant of any circumstance. Well my daughter’s name is Nina, she’s 5 years old and simply a bundle of energy and joy. Sometimes I do say to myself that she’s growing fast – always coming up with something new which more than often surprises both my wife and myself.

Nina is very creative and without putting any pressure on her all the signs show that later on in her life she’ll end up performing on stage.

The Maltese Daddy: Speaking about performing on stage, your wife and her family are all in media and acting, do you want your daughter to follow your wife’s footsteps? If not do you push her to love it or you give her freedom to choose whatever she wants and why?

Francesco: As I said, Nina is a very creative girl – the signs are all there. She loves to dance, act and sing – whenever there’s music on she puts on a show wherever we are. As agreed with my wife, I will never push her without her wanting to. I believe in the fine line of the private life and I’m aware that once you’re in the limelight, especially TV – your personal life would be very limited. Nina seems to love entertaining though – she seems very confident on stage and I will do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true.

The Maltese Daddy: Amazing answer Fran, that is the right ideology we need to have as dads, give them the tools of life and let them craft their own destiny. Moving on you as a dad, what do you enjoy most about being a father?

Francesco: As I said – she’s a bundle of joy. There’s never a dull moment when Nina is around. A hug, a smile, also that simple good night and the famous phrase ‘I love you’ encapsulate all the things you’re willing to do for your daughter.

The Maltese Daddy: I can relate, although my daughter is 6 months old, one smile boosts me up and change whatever mood I am in. Let’s speak about your job, does it affect your daddy life?

Francesco: I try not to – I try to be around as often as I can. Although sometimes one cannot help it – to take care of a child one does need money after all so long hours can directly affect the hours one spends with his daughter/son. At least when I get a day off or two I try to play with her as much as I can or watch a movie. I honestly prefer to watch animated movies much more than she does – but she hasn’t realized that yet… haha.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes those animated movies, I guess you’re not the only one 😂 You both had Nina at a young age, what advise do you want to give to all the young dads?

Francesco: I won’t be beating around the bush – I was scared, petrified at first. I was unemployed, had no car and still lived with my parents. I was 22 years old freshly out of University and I didn’t even know how to take care of a cactus🌵. But then you get the hang of it – obviously with my now wife endless patience and with our parents continuous help we managed – step by step.

Seriously, it’s not the end of the world – quite the contrary, it’s a new chapter which will change your life for the better. It’ll make you into an adult, a man, a father.

The Maltese Daddy: Having all this love and kindness, I guess this came initially from your parents as I remember when we were back in school, both your parents were not only kind to you, but also to us 😊 But, a question related to your father what traditions did he pass on to you that you will pass on to your children?

Francesco: My father served as a police officer for nearly 25 years – so inevitably he taught me respect towards other and towards my superiors. He used to love, and still does today, reading books – being informed about numerous stuff. Knowledge is key so that you would be aware of what’s happening around you. Most importantly, obviously, as her grandfather and father do so passionately – Nina supports Milan as well… That’s paternal family tradition right there. 😉😂

The Maltese Daddy: Yes Milan, I remember the debates we used to have after Juventus vs Milan matches 🤣 Anyway, you were saying you try to always find time with Nina, explain what type of daddy time do you have with your daughter?

Francesco: Well – we read books, sometimes even act them out as well. We watch loads and loads of new princesses movies – sometimes I do love to make her watch some oldies with me as well. Practically whatever she wants we do. Most of the time I’m at work so I do try to compensate to the hours lost at the office.

The Maltese Daddy: From your perspective, how you would describe your fatherly ethics?

Francesco: Well I think one needs to balance things up. You cannot be too strict, I mean we’re not at an army boot camp – but you cannot be her schoolmate buddy either. Everything to it’s own pace and time when we’re playing we have loads of fun and joke around, and when it needs, be one who needs to be strict. She’s 5 years old so she needs to learn the what to do and what not to do.

The Maltese Daddy: What milestones you want to accomplish with your daughter?

Francesco: I truly hope that together with my wife we’ll bring her up to be the woman she wants to be, without any ifs and buts. I hope that looking back at this time she will do the same stuff we do, with her with her children. I really do hope we’re doing a good job so that her smile continues to shine forever.

The Maltese Daddy: I should applaud you Fran for this, a truthful answer from a dad who is committed to see his child grow into a successful woman. Sometimes as dads, we are not highlighted to have the same love of the mother’s obviously as both of us have different ways to love, but describe to my readers, what you understand by this term: “The Unconditional Love Of A Father”?

Francesco: Well it’s pure, it’s natural. It doesn’t come with time, but it’s an instant rush you have as soon the child as born, for the very first time you hold the baby, your child, in your hands you feel it. It hits you instantaneously. You are ready to do anything for your own flesh and blood. But love doesn’t mean that it’s free for all either. The love of a father is also shown even when at times one needs to be strict – but you don’t have to be like Bismarck either.

The Maltese Daddy: To conclude today’s interview, I always close with what “wisdadm” (A combination of wisdom and dad) would you share with our readers?

Francesco: First and foremost chill out – try to relax and do not vent your frustration with your kids. If you had a bad day at work, although it might be hard to do, just forget about it when you’re with your kid. Enjoy the moment, they grow up fast. Also remember, being a father doesn’t mean losing yourself – have a little bit of fun too!

There you have it readers, another true example of a great father who not only loves his family, but also is in love with life and that my friends is the key to accomplish everything in life. Live, Love and Enjoy. To conclude I want to share with you an amazing quote I read a while ago “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.” – Wade Boggs

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