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Daddy Time

Having children is one of God’s greatest gift, but as I described in previous interviews anyone can become a father, but it takes much more love to be called a dad… In my opinion, none is ready to become a dad as there is no guidebook on how to become a perfect dad, it’s a long journey that you will become good at, this journey teaches you the fundamentals on how to take care and be there for your family. Some dads take a while to get in-tune with this life-changing event, but certain dads catch a grip immediately and one of those certain dads is Rodrick. I knew Rodrick back when baggy jeans and blow-dried hair were a thing, but throughout all these years we lost touch but we always followed each other on Facebook and from there I noticed that he was always there for his family ❤ Why you may ask? Let’s find out in today’s interview 🙌

The Maltese Daddy: It’s been a while Rod and I am glad that you accepted my interview. I was always keen to get to know more about your fatherly ethics. I know you have a cute little daughter named Ella, what can you tell our readers about her?

Rodrick: The pleasure is always mine and thanks for the invite, yes I have been blessed by an angel, Ella is now 2 and a half years, growing so fast. Apart from her playfulness, her character is of a loving and caring little girl, as we made sure that we give her all the attention she needs to become a well-respected woman in the future which no doubt she will be.

She loves the Summer sun, especially our Maltese beaches and always very excited

whenever we’re at the beach, it shows she’s a true Malteser (We love our beaches). She also likes animals, even though we don’t have any at home, but whenever she’s at her grandma she’s spending all her time playing with her dogs. Ella is a bright young little girl who enjoys learning new things and always willing to explore more in life, also enjoys supporting her daddy when I have a football match.

The Maltese Daddy: You both raised her well, as at a young age she is already showing signs of appreciating life to the full and that is thanks to both your partner and yourself. Moving on I know you enjoy being a father I see it from all the pictures you’ve sent me 😊 But what do you enjoy most of being a father?

Rodrick: Pretty much every aspect of it, every stage of it is exciting. Coming home after work and seeing how excited she gets that your home gives you satisfaction. In my opinion, it’s the best experience a man can have. Whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. I try to make her smile and laugh as much as I can, that’s the best feeling I get. I love spending time out with her and try and do my best to give her attention.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes becoming a dad, is one of the most important milestones you can ever achieve, as your children can give you love and joy that nothing else can give you. As I mentioned before from the pictures I have seen, you like travelling with your family, when was your first holiday and how old was your daughter? What advice do you give parents for travelling with their infants?

Rodrick: Yes, we love travelling. In these 2 and a half years, we have travelled 5 times, always taking her with us. She was just 3 months old when we took her on her first trip to Germany. However, it wasn’t easy I have to admit that, especially when travelling to colder destinations. My advice to all dads and families you need to be equipped, take clothes and all necessary necessities to protect your baby from the climate as she will not be used to it. Honestly, my personal advice is not to travel before infants are at least 1 year old. From 1 year onwards it was always easier, and more fun. She enjoys being on the plane and seeing different places, lakes, snow, parks etc.

The Maltese Daddy: Yes travelling is not easy, but if you’re up for it to travel when they are younger than 1 year, it’s not impossible either. Nowadays having children is always our last priority as in first we buy a house, get married, focus on our career and then have children as let’s face it life is expensive, but some of us think of it differently as you had Ella at a young age, what was your experience?

Rodrick: I was 24 years when I had Ella. For me, it was a good age, not too young, not too old. I never liked the thought of being above 30 years to have kids. However, it does change your life completely. My advice for young dads is to make sure they are prepared for it in every aspect and always make kids their priority in life.

The Maltese Daddy: Let’s talk about Ella when she was younger what were her first words?

Rodrick: Mama. It came naturally I think, it was nice hearing her speak clearly for the first time and seeing her express herself.

The Maltese Daddy: As we all know spending time with your children is essential for their personal growth, what daddy time do you spend with Ella?

Rodrick: We have a lot of time together. Her mother works from Monday to Friday, while I

work on a day in day out basis, so we spend a lot of weekdays together. A typical day is to wake up, have breakfast at home or at some cafeteria, and if the weather is nice, we go to the swings, beaches, petting farm, between you and I, I think I enjoy it more than her 😂

The Maltese Daddy: I have known you for years now, but I always see you with the Juventus shirt, so obviously you’re a big fan, does your daughter watch football? And if yes does she side with Juve? 🤣

Rodrick: Haha, good one… I do watch games when she’s at home, and I also took her to the Juventus Stadium, where she enjoyed the atmosphere of the ground, however, football itself does not get her interested at all, and I don’t really insist on it. She’s more of a ‘girly’ girl, not into football.

The Maltese Daddy: We all have this tendency or let’s say taboo that all parents know when having children, you end up with no free time for yourself, do you believe in

this? If yes what type of free time do you have, if not explain your answer?

Rodrick: Yes definitely. However, once a week, I do try to have some hours alone, getting some rest from work and from daily duties, I think it is essential. I also kept doing things that I enjoy, like going to football matches once or twice a week. Sometimes we also try to have some ‘couple time’ going out to a restaurant to have some relaxing time, while Ella is at her grandparents.

The Maltese Daddy: What milestones you want to accomplish with your daughter?

Rodrick: Not an easy question! For me I think it is essential to be there for her always, in

every stage of her life, in difficult and good times.

My dream is for her to become a strong woman, independent, and strong enough to pass through every hurdle which life may throw at her. I wish to be there for her as long as possible to guide her through!

The Maltese Daddy: Spoken like a true dad ❤ What’s your typical day out with your family?

Rodrick: On Sundays, we love to spend the morning relaxing and doing simple things at home, like cleaning, in which Ella enjoys helping! At noon we go out with our family, to restaurants mostly. Afterwards, we always go somewhere where Ella enjoys like parks etc, and we finish the day with some dessert and coffee. That’s a typical day off for us. In Summer, as I mentioned before we love spending days at the beach, we all enjoy the vitamin sea 😍

The Maltese Daddy: Describe to my readers, what you understand by this term: “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right”?

Rodrick: Obviously there is a difference between being a father and being a dad. Being a father is easy. But to be a dad is another thing, being there for your kids, spending time with them, making them a priority, give them love and keep them

good and healthy. That makes you a dad.

Thank you Rodrick, another amazing interview done and dusted 👏 From my perspective as a dad to a daughter, you’re a role model to me as it shows how close you are to Ella and no doubt she will be grateful when shes older to remember what a great childhood she has/had, as we all know for a child to become successful you need to build a healthy foundation and that my friend you are doing 😊 Keep up your great fatherly ethics and keep on rocking your life 🤘

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