Meet my Dad

by David
Meet My Dad

My childhood was amazing and I was raised by a man who taught me how to survive in this world, taught me to take care of myself and respect others… Readers, please meet my awesome dad. Obviously I cannot start my daddy interviews without starting with the first man who taught me to walk, speak and also the first best friend I had. Seeing my dad, on how good he was raising us and with the amount of passion he had, I was looking forward for this time to have my own child and do it with the same passion my dad did.

So without further adieu, please meet my dad Brian!

The Maltese Daddy: Thank you for accepting my interview and although I know you made one good job of raising us, I want to show off everyone how lucky I was being raised by a man like you, so lets go… How many children you have and what are their names.

Brian: Thank you Dave for the lovely words, I am just doing my job raising awesome children like you. So to answer your question I have two children, David and Carole.

The Maltese Daddy: What do you enjoy most about being a father?

Brian: The joy of seeing my children grow and becoming a man and a woman is all a dad wants.

The Maltese Daddy: So lets turn on a question where a lot of dads might ask all the time. You raised us to be the best, but to be the best you encountered a lot of sacrifice, what hurdles have you faced throughout?

Brian: The hurdles to keep abreast of the situation of the moment, involving them in sport and other activities which takes a lot of your time, apart from the financial burden.

The Maltese Daddy: The scope of this blog is to make sure that dads are present during their wife/partner’s giving birth o their children. I know in your case mum had a c-section but how would you describe your experience when mum gave birth to us?

Brian: Both my kids were born through c-section therefore I was not present during the operation, the waiting of what was going on was quite a nervous situation but when you see the doctor coming over with the child and holding it for the first time is something which cannot be described, a joy which no other beautiful thing can surpass this experience.

The Maltese Daddy: We all know that you are not born to be a father and it is also a learning curve, now my sister and I have grown, but what have you learnt from us throughout these past 28 years?

Brian: As explained in my previous question, raising your children active in sport or any other cultural thing makes them grow to see things in a positive way, in fact during their puberty and the idea to start going out I had my mind at rest that when they are with friends they can choose what is wrong and what is right. Their upbringing was more a father-friend to my son and daughter, giving your children the best education is also an important matter which makes them grow in an environment to grow up the right way.

The Maltese Daddy: Do you have a memory where either my sister or I made you feel so embarrassed?

Brian: Honestly no, you were the perfect children, well educated and proud that everywhere we went you behaved in the right way

The Maltese Daddy: Raising us was awesome, but explain your fatherly ethics to our readers? Explain your answer. (eg strict, cool).

Brian: I wanted to make sure that during their childhood days my children saw me more as someone that they can express their feelings, concerns and problems, I wanted to make sure they saw a fatherly figure that can go together for adventures, laughs but at the same time the strict father that when it comes to discipline they understood that it was time to behave and concentrate especially when it comes to education.

The Maltese Daddy: What do you want to make sure that your children and grandchildren will remember about you?

Brian: A remembrance that they can see a person of fun, adventure and love of being a father, and my grandchildren will feel the same on how I raised my children.

The Maltese Daddy: Describe a proud moment were either my sister and I  did something that you felt your job of raising us was done well?

Brian: The joy that both were raised in a joyful family and that today I can see them both settled with their career, my son with a wife and a grandchild and my daughter with a boyfriend preparing to settle to start a family.

The Maltese Daddy: What is the secret/s to raising good children from your perspective?

Brian: The idea that you have to be with them when they have a problem and being with them to enjoy, this type of method is a result to a child/fatherly trust which will never fade away. 

The Maltese Daddy: If one of your grandchildren will be reading this blog when he/she is older, what would you say?     

Brian: I hope that they can see that raising both my children was an amazing journey and I am sure that they can pass on my fatherly ethics to their children.

The Maltese Daddy: What “wisdadm” (A combination of wisdom and dad) would you share with our readers?

Brian: A dad is someone that catches his children before they fall, is someone that keeps you away from making mistakes and lead you to a path to identify the best way forward, is someone that holds you when you cry, is someone that scolds you when you break the rules but shines with pride when you succeed, and is always there when you fail and gives you his full energy to lift your self up to go through the rough moment. I tried to adopt these rules and today I am proud of having 2 wonderful children.

Thanks dad, for such an amazing interview, I thought I knew everything on how you raised but you made it seem so easy, but in reality I can imagine it wasn’t just a walk in the park. Reading through your questions made me shed a tear remembering how good you and mum raised us, so I guess I should also thank you for giving me such a great childhood.

PS – Would you like me to interview someone who you know, who made an awesome job raising you? Or you just want to shine a light on someone you know who was an amazing father figure to you? Message me to set up an interview 🙂

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