My First Pumpkin Puree Surprise💩

by David

We all have episodes whereas parents, we reminisce the funny moments we embraced with our children, but when it actually happened there is not reminiscing trust me 😂 It all started when my daughter Sophia could not poop for a whole 3 days, obviously we were a bit concerned so we gave her until the evening and the unpredictable happened… Dum dum dummmm….

My wife has a weekly routine of going to train twice a week and when she’s off burning those calories, I am staying with Sophia burning calories in a more fun way of jumping, dancing and karaoke (Yes, karaoke, my daughter loves my singing or I think she does 🤣) I don’t know about you dads, but when my wife is not around (Hope she’s not reading this blog post today) we tend to be a bit mischievous Sophia and I, we do some daddy-daughter extreme sport bonding. Obviously when she’s not around, things that I don’t want to happen, actually happen and that is when she pooped the whole 3 days in her diaper 💩💩💩

I will let you do the Math, No poop for 3 days + stinky = not a nice combination trust me… So what actually happened, I was playing bouncy daddy, bouncy daddy is were I actually jump around with my daughter like an actual buffoon and it seems with the bouncing I made her bowel move and you can imagine what happened. Obviously I was thrilled that she pooped and ended up praising her whilst trying not to breathe from my nose😂

I started to get closer to her surprise for Daddy and to my surprise her stool ended up all over her back and baby grow, so you can imagine a lot of poop + stained clothes + happy baby as she pooped after 3 days so shes moving around and it’s spreading everywhere… I kept calm, wanted to take a deep breath, but I realized if I did that I’ll end up on the ground unconscious. Therefore I said let’s structure this and do it one step at a time, I started by removing her baby grow and trying to avoid spreading the pumpkin-coloured poop (As we started feeding her vegetables and she took pumpkin, carrots and potatoes those past three days). When mission objective one was successfully cleared, another attack was launched and this was a water missile, yes you guessed it she peed all over me with a mixture of pumpkin-coloured poop so that makes a pumpkin puree on my daughter and also spread all over the nappy changer, did I panic a bit promise 🤦‍♂️😒

Left everything as it is and took Sophia for a quick bath and she was clean and a happy baby, then I changed her into her pj’s and yes she fired another missile, but this time it was in her nappy, so I changed her again and all was good. in the meantime, I was on my own so I wanted to make sure that all is clear when my wife is back and I didn’t want to make her see the poop war zone in Sophia’s room.

Wisdadm: Always clean the clothes if they are stained with your child’s poop as it tends to stain if you leave it there for more than a day. My option is either use an odourless soap to remove the stain and mix it with water until all the stains are gone, then leave it overnight soaked in water. Option number 2 is clean with a baby detergent until all stains are gone and leave overnight.

I am noticing that the older my daughter gets the more fun it is to be around her as shes actually noticing and reacting to everything around you. So, mums, do you want to have some quality time, go workout, go for a walk or just blow off some steam and leave us dads with our little ones, we can do it 🤜🤛💪

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