You Can Make A Difference ❤🙌

by David
Dak Li Jghodd

Did you ever ask this question? “How can I make a difference today?” The first thing that pops to mind is maybe, I’ll wake up with a good mood, so I can have a positive day, can work, but that is only something you do for your own benefit and maybe someone around you. Now, rather than thinking about how you can make a difference for your own gain, why not do a selfless act of kindness to someone who really needs it? That maybe doesn’t affect your productivity at work, or maybe your health, but it will definitely make a person smile this Christmas. If you have this mindset today and want to make a difference, tune in tonight on DAK LI JGHODD between 17:00 – 18:00 on ONE TV station and make a difference, how? Very simple, tv host Claire Agius Ordway for another year will be doing a special edition to her show today.

In today’s show Dak Li Jghodd 5 in 1, will be a special program since in 1 full hour of excitement the television viewers are encouraged to donate EUR5 for a special cause.

For this year all funds will be donated to “Dar Fra Diego” and “Creche of the Ursuline Sister.” The money gathered will help Dar Fra Diego to build new apartments for the abandoned children with no homes and for the Ursuline Sisters to help them repair the damages at their institute.

So, please make a difference and donate just EUR5 tonight and you can make a person smile this Christmas! On my behalf, I would like to show my appreciation for the hard work and dedication, Claire is doing and would like to wish her the best of luck and gather enough money for this good cause!

Happening on Tuesday 17th December. Kindly share and join us. We will be raising funds for kids🙂❤️ at Dar Fra Diego and the Crèche of the Ursuline Sisters. #kids #love #charity #fundraising #telethon #5inone

Posted by Dak li jghodd: Il-gwida ghall-genituri on Thursday, December 12, 2019


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