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by David
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Did you ever go to a family reunion and hear your aunt or grandma say I potty-trained your cousin at only one year and a half or much older. Obviously, you believe them and start contemplating, is your child actually ready? I have to admit I was one of those parents who said that my daughter is too young to start 🤷‍♂️ Thankfully I have a convincing and willful wife 😘🙌 As she was the one who convinced me to test a theory and she was right and it worked, even though I was a bit sceptic.

What to do then?

I will share some tips with you and I can assure you, that there’s a 100% chance that this tactic will work on your child. Let me be clear it worked on my eldest daughter, but I cannot guarantee it will work on your child, but it’s proven to be successful. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling!

First, things first, plan!

When potty-training make sure you plan a stay-at-home weekend and stick to it, you may ask why? In order to make this work, you need to stick to a routine and also carry a mop with you, with a bit of patience 😂😒 As if you go out and wear them a diaper, you will break the routine and then will need to start all again. So, be a risk-taker and wear them just panties and no diaper. Let’s see what you will need!

Start with the below stuff:

  • Mop
  • Paper and Pen
  • Potty or Potty training seat with a step stool
  • Panties, a lot of panties 🤣😜
  • Water Wipes

It’s potty-training, why all this stuff? And why do we need a pen and paper?

Let’s start with keeping track of their pee schedule, as it’s important to write down how many times she/he goes to do a wee, so it’s easier to remember when to ask them when they need to go. It’s easy, just put a time and if she pee’d in the potty or not, then every time she pees just write it down.

Be strict and consistent!

Obviously, the mop is needed to clean his/her mess, trust me the first day is going to be tough and you’ll end up washing so much, you can basically leave the mop next to you wherever you go and every 10 minutes ask them, do you need to do peepee? At first, they will ignore you, but after the 15th time you mop the floor they might understand! Very important is that anytime they accomplish the pee or poop reward them with a sticker and celebrate, even if you celebrate 10x after each other just show them you’re happy for their accomplishment.

In what way can you correct them if they pee/poop in their pants?

If they pee on the floor or in their pants, don’t yell, but show them they did wrong and leave them with the pee for a few minutes until they feel uncomfortable, so they can understand its bad to pee/poop in their pants.

Drink, ask them to pee and repeat

Keep consistent, rewarding and strict!

  • Consistence, by asking them 50x if they to go to the toilet or not and also to keep patient and motivated 😁✌
  • Be rewarding and celebrate an achievement every time they accomplish a pee or poop in the loo, just a good tip do not reward them with sweets or chocolates, best is with a sticker or star!
  • Be strict and don’t change the routine and stay inside, yes a small sacrifice, but it will be worth it for the long-run! The only time you should wear them the diaper is when you prepare them for bed and even when they are still not asleep, still continue asking them if they to go to the loo.

Every child is different!

My daughter needed one day, but a lot of other children managed to master this on that same day or two or more days, but it’s all about your consistency and to make this as a game for them and not a punishment 👌

As you can see once they get the routine, they will amaze you, we started this last week and up until now she hasn’t pee’d one time in her pants. Also just one last tip, you will eventually need to leave the house, so always carry a portable potty and also disposable nappy liners to put on the car seat 😉

Again, I am no expert, but this is just a proven tip that worked with my daughter and I am passing this onto you 😎😁 Goodluck and feel free to share if it worked or maybe any other proven potty training techniques to share with other parents 😊


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